Dan Mohn’s Franklin Family Ties

The earliest “proven” ancestor in my Franklin family line is BIRD FRANKLIN (b. 1806, Surry County, NC; d. 1890 Letcher County, KY), who along with his brother SHADRACH/SHADRICK FRANKLIN was in Scott County, VA in the 1820s and removed to Kentucky in the 1850s.
Bird and Shadrach were brothers of ABEL FRANKLIN, who settled in Floyd (now Johnson) County, Kentucky.

Harve G. and Evelyn (Combs) Franklin Dan’s great-grandparents, grandson of Abraham Franklin

Most sources report that the parents of Bird, Shadrach, and Abel were ABRAHAM (ABE) FRANKLIN and SALLIE SPEARS. The link to Sally is certain, since public records show her at various times in or adjacent to the households of the sons. Abraham, however, disappeared from the public record before 1820.

Some researchers have also suggested that Abe was married to Lucille Vaughan, based upon a letter narrated by a descendant in the early 1900s.  However, a close reading of the narrative suggests a strong likelihood that the Abraham who was married to Lucille Vaughan was a different person — very possibly the father or uncle of the Abraham who was married to Sallie Spears.

JAMES FRANKLIN Sr., who with his wife Nancy Amburgey settled at Castlewoods, Russell County, Virginia, may also have been a brother or near relative of Abraham or his sons.   In the same general period of time that Abel, Bird, and Shadrach moved into Eastern Kentucky from southwest Virginia, JAMES FRANKLIN Jr. settled in the Littcarr area of present-day Knott County, Kentucky.